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Fast Start VIP Days:

Fast Start VIP Days: for clients who ready to take a pro-active vs re-active approach to their health,
business and lifestyle. Get ready to take action today! One on one coaching and consulting packages

  •   Food Allergies, Sensitivities, Reactionary Foods to get rid of symptoms
  •  Detox 2 Cleanse Organs to heal gut and eliminate toxin build up
  •  Lower Weight & Stress impacting our life and business

Please contact me for the Fast Start VIP Day package details and rates @  or  (714) 593-6107.

Corporate Programs:

Keynote Speaker: at Health Fairs, Nutrition-Business Tradeshows, Executive Conferences,
Sales Meetings or “Lunch and Learn Talks”.

Health Consultant: offering information on the latest topics: Healthy Life Gets Healthy Business,
Nutrition, Detox vs Diet programs, Living the Corporate Life to Coaching Health & Business
Clients successfully.

Health-Lifestyle Business Assessment Liaison: Stress, Lack of Sleep, Fatigue, Weight Management
for busy professionals and business owners.

Healthy Eating Programs: Eating on the Road, Restaurant Eating, Snacks on the Go, Meal plans
(i.e. gluten/food allergies)

Rates: 4 hours = $1,200, 8 hours = $2,200*, any contract longer than (1) day is negotiable.
*Overnight Travel + Expenses: will be additional costs


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