Fast Start VIP Days:

Fast Start VIP Day: for clients who are ready to take a pro-active approach their health and lifestyle. Get ready to take action today! One-on-one consulting and culinary packages offered:

1. Food Allergies, Sensitivities & Re-actionary Foods to get rid of symptoms and body re-actions to the foods that don’t serve your body nourishment and are causing inflammation in your system.

2. Detox 2 Cleanse Organs to heal your gut and eliminate toxin build up in your organs that will enable you to have improved nourishment and release energy blocks in your system.

3. Lower Weight & Stress that impacts your ability to focus on your life. Stress affects your weight and ability to seek clarity in your work and life priorities. Stress impacts your hormone balance and adrenals that can cause a chain-reaction of symptoms through out your body.

Please contact me for the Fast Start VIP Days package details and rates at: or (714) 593-6107.

Speaking Events:

Keynote Speaker: Health Fairs, Nutrition Trade shows, Sales Conferences or “Lunch and Learn Talks”

Health-Nutrition Consultant: offering information on topics such as:

  • a Healthy Life gets Healthy Business
  • Detox vs Diet Programs: do they work?
  • Benefits of Eating Real Foods to see Real Change in your Body
  • Moving from the Corporate Life to the Spicy Life using Nutritional Culinary Cooking Skills

Health-Lifestyle Assessment: stress, insomnia, fatigue, food reactions & weight management for busy professionals

Healthy Eating Programs:

  • Eating on the Road
  • Restaurant Eating: Tips & Tricks Before Ordering
  • Snacks on the Go

Meal Planning: Gluten Free, Food Reactions, Candida, Sugar Cravings,  Diabetes & Cancer Diets

Service and program options


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