Do you ever feel that you are struggling under the weight of something that you can’t quite put your finger on? Perhaps your life is not turning out how you wanted it to. You may wish that certain events in your past had never occurred.

You may even have an uneasy feeling that your present life is somehow being held hostage by your past in some vague and indefinable way. People often sense that they have deep seated emotional issues, but don’t know how to get past them. The feelings that seem to be in their way are often due to their emotions that have been trapped within their body. They are usually amazed to find out that their “emotional baggage” often consists of discrete “emotional energies” that became trapped during emotional events they experienced in their past. They are even more amazed to see how easily these “emotional energies” can be found and removed. It’s amazing how different they feel when they are freed from them.

In the same way that you cannot see the wind, yet you can feel its effects, trapped emotions are invisible but they can exert powerful forces upon you. Trapped emotions or trauma can affect you physically just as much as they can mentally or emotionally. It is my experience that a significant percentage of physical illnesses, emotional difficulties and self-sabotage are actually caused by these unseen “emotional energies.”

My Balance Body Energy Healing Techniques has been created by my mentor, Brad Nelson, (retired) Chiropractor, to give you new insights (using your sub-conscious), on how emotions trapped (in different areas of your body) can cause all kinds of problems. I now have the techniques using Kinesiology, tools and the process to release them. You can take your life back, enjoy better health, and finally be free from the insidious and subtle forces that trapped emotions are exerting upon your life. This process can be done (in person) or over the phone.

As a Certified Balance Body Energy Healing Practitioner, my ability to conduct emotional releases to help you to fulfill your dreams has become a passion of mine. I have seen positive changes in my health and business growth, along with my clients. It’s my sincere hope that you will schedule a session with me to realize the powerful, yet simple energy healing techniques to communicate with your sub-conscious. I have added this new service to my current Nutrition-Health practice to:

  • physical: relieve headaches, feeling anxious, joint aches, back/shoulder tension
  • nutrition: release digestive issues, gas, constipation, skin re-actions
  • heart wall: release the blocks (yours or ancestors) from abundance and success 
  • nutrition: release food sensitivities and reactions to intolerant foods 
  • nutrition: diet plan analysis and supplement review so you take what nourishes your body
  • heart wall: release your poor self-image, low self-esteem, shyness, gain confidence
  • heart wall: release trauma layers around your heart to receive love, relationships or new ideas to flow in
  • pets: release your pets bad behaviors: barking, peeing in house, attacking strangers or other dogs
  • nutrition for pets: low energy, food sensitivities, phobias, nervous or shaking
My Introductory offer for you

I wanted to offer you and/or your pet these sessions with me, based on your personal needs. I am offering (3) different type of sessions. These are your options:

  • Heart Wall+Emotions Energy Clearing + Abundance to Restore Body Balance $85 or (3) sessions $225       
  • Nutrition Clearing, Diet Analysis  & Supplement Alignment to Restore Body Balance $75 or (3) sessions $215
  • Emotions/Trauma Energy Clearing to Restore Body Balance for Pets $65 or (3) sessions $180

This is an introductory offer for you today since I have added this new service to my nutrition-health practice. These prices are based on (30) minute sessions. Please click on Schedule to book single sessions only.

If you want to invest in a bundle of (3) sessions, just  go to the top of this homepage and click on the top tab: Shop, then follow the instructions to purchase your bundle of choice using Paypal.

It would be my pleasure to serve you on your journey.  Make an investment in yourself today, you deserve it.
Linda Crawford, CNS CECP CRCF CCTE
Certified Body Energy Balance Practitioner




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