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Linda Crawford, CNS CECP CRCF CCTE
Certified Life Force Energy Flow (Chi) Specialist

These release your Life Force Energy Flow sessions are a special offering for you. I have discounted these new sessions due to the COVID pandemic and how it’s caused a deep seated burden on you and your pet’s body and emotions. These prices are based on (30-50) minute sessions based on your type of emotion or behavior you ask to release. Please select the session below that will improve your life. Your credit card or Paypal will be accepted when you click the button.

It would be my pleasure to serve you or your pet on your life’s journey.  Making an investment to clear your (or pets) emotional state of mind and body is a great gift and investment towards your good health. It’s time to attract your true path into your life today. Know that you deserve it to prepare for your prosperous 2021!

Friends or Family: Release Emotions or Aches to Heal - Introductory                      
30 Min. One-on-One session. Now $40

This session is for your friends or family that need to clear an existing emotion or trauma trapped in their body blocking energy flow that's causing their body aches, tension or reactions such as:: the neck/back, head or joint areas. Once these blocked emotions are cleared, this will create a release in their body, allowing their energy to flow for a healing experience.


Nutrition: Clear Food Reactions-Emotional Eating-Cravings
50 min, One-on-One session. Now $60

I will be testing your foods to uncover reactions or inflammation caused by your food choices. I can also clear your cravings, emotional eating or other food imbalances in your body. Test supplements and meds good for your body too. I want to make sure you're eating and supplementing what's nourishing your body, not just filling a void in your life. I intend to clear these food urges that control you in life causing you daily anxiety. This will release your energy flow in order for your body to heal.


Pet Nutrition or Behaviors: Clear Emotions - Aches to Heal
50 min, One-on-One session. Now $50

This pet's session is to identify what's causing any aches, reactions, emotional trauma or bad pet behaviors. I will connect with your beloved pet to clear the emotional blocks or trauma blocking its energy flow that can be causing aches or behaviors. This allows your pet to release its energy flow to heal itself. I also test your pet foods, vitamins and meds that can cause food intolerances or skin reactions, causing an imbalance in its body.

Heart: Emotional Trauma Cleared to Release Energy Flow To Heal
50 min, One-on-One session. Now $85

95% of society has created a wall around their heart due to the emotional trauma experienced in life. I will connect with you to identify emotional trauma surrounding your heart that blocks your energy flow, keeping you from love, relationships or abundance. This "blocked state of mind" can also keep you in an emotional or a negative mindset. I will be clearing the emotions around your heart (they can be inherited from family). Then your energy will flow to your opened heart so it will heal.

Seeking Clarity: Gain New Insights into Your Future
50 min. One-on-One session. Now $55

Do you feel stuck or not making progress in your life? Sometimes we feel stuck with our weight, in our job, in relationships or not meeting our goals. I will connect with you to uncover these blocks created in your mind (causing you to feel stuck). I will then clear these blocked emotions identified to free your Energy flow through your body. This will clear the blocks that can open your mind to new ideas and opportunities you can now realize, with a fresh perspective.

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