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Linda Crawford, CNS CECP CRCF CCTE
Certified Body Energy Balance Practitioner

I will be calling your cell phone for your session. My cell coverage covers: U.S, Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Mexico.
For European, Pacific Rim or Asian calls, we can connect by FB phone or IM.
Note: No Zoom or Skype calls at this time.

Selection of Sessions

Friends-Family Session: Emotional Block to Release (Intro) Now $40
30 Min. One-on-One session.

This session is for your friends or family that needs to release an existing emotion or trauma trapped in their body blocking energy flow that's causing their current body ache: in the neck/back, head or joint areas. This 30 minute session will give them a great release experience. **You can receive a free 30 minute session if you send me (3) referrals that also sign up for this session.**


Eating To Heal Your Body: Test Good-Bad Foods/Vitamins/Supplements/Herbs
Now $65
50 min, One-on-One session.

In this session I will be testing the good foods you should eat for nourishment & the bad foods you eat causing inflammation and imbalance in your body. I also test any vitamins, supplements or herbs taken that can cause imbalance as well. The intent is to make sure you're eating what is nourishing your body. I intend to clear inflammation that’s causing reactions in your body to bring your energy flow back to 100% in order to heal yourself.


Pets! Clear Aches, Test Nutrition and Bad Behaviors: Restore Energy Flow to Heal Now $50
50 min, One-on-One session.

This pet's session is to identify what's causing any aches, emotional or bad pet behaviors. I will connect to your beloved pet's sub conscious and ask it to release the emotional blocks jamming energy flow that's causing the aches, trauma or behaviors to allow your pets body to restore its energy flow to heal itself. I also test your pet's nutritional needs and can test pet foods, vitamins and meds that can cause potential food intolerance or skin reactions.

Heart Trauma-Emotional Blocks Released Around Your Heart: Allow Energy Flow in your body to Heal  Now $85
50 min, One-on-One session.

95% of society has created a wall around their heart due to the emotional trauma experienced in their life for protection against more pain. I will be connecting to (your sub-conscious) to identify any emotional trauma surrounding your heart that blocks your energy flow keeping you from your potential abundance, relationships or love to come into your life. This state of mind can also keep you in an emotional or negative mindset. I will be able to release emotions around your heart that is causing you aches, tension, emotional anxiety or bad behaviors (maybe inherited from your ancestors). Then your heart can be opened to heal and receive potential love, light or abundance moving forward in life!   

Feeling Stuck in Your Life? What's Causing It and Release It Now $55
50 min. One-on-One session.

We all have different reasons for feeling stuck or just not making progress in your life in certain areas. Sometimes you are stuck with your weight, in your job, in relationships or you're just not moving towards our goals fast enough. After we have a review, I will connect to your sub-conscious to uncover the top areas (where you feel stuck). I will then release these stuck emotions (to release that feeling) that frees up your energy flow that's jammed up in your body. This energy flow will lift your spirits and allow you to look at your goals and dreams from a fresh perspective. We can do a follow-up session, if you decide later on.

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