Do you want to start making better food choices that will allow you to live in a more vibrant, energetic body?  I live this way everyday by eating tasty, clean meals (I created) including baked goods, desserts, wine (and  dark chocolate!)  This includes over (50) meals, desserts and more. 

Now this isn’t your regular “whole foods30 diet” (advertised on the Internet) that is restrictive and limited in food choices that makes you feel deprived and hungry.

So why should you consider this clean foods program I developed and have used myself over the last (5) years?

Reason 1: It’s working for me

It’s not about forcing something that has worked for others to then try to make it work for you. It’s about finding out exactly what does work with your body chemistry. That’s why my Clean Foods Program is key in order to allow it to work with your body chemistry. Eating clean foods like our ancestors did is always going to be a good choice. It has worked for over a hundred years. Of course, we have evolved; but some modern day foods haven’t always been the best choice for nourishment in our bodies. That’s why this nutritionist has done the research to  create a program that is clean, full of nutrients and lots of variety that will satisfy your taste buds.

Reason 2: It’s doable for you

If other diets or “modern” medical cures for your on-going symptoms have failed you, it’s probably because they didn’t include the right nutrients to heal your body symptoms at the root cause. My approach is more flexible over the long term because it takes your unique health issues, personal food choices and lifestyle in mind. I’ve had to deal with food allergies, chemical sensitivities and digestive issues that were caused by my lifestyle choices and eating food habits for years. So I have been there. That may sound like a lot to deal with, but it’s not uncommon in today’s toxic world. We are exposed to over 80,000 toxins and chemicals yearly in the US. 

My health is what motivated me to start eating clean foods in the first place. But I needed to do more due to the many preservatives in or chemicals on foods on the market today. 

Reason 3: It’s not a Diet, but a lifestyle you choose to live by to achieve good health

Following my Clean Foods Program isn’t just about food; it also helps you in all other areas of your life that make you healthy and happy like: positive mindset, your relationship with food, sound sleep, becoming more physical, lowering your stress and personal care.

You will understand exactly why these changes you are making will help you achieve optimal health by cutting your cravings, feeling a boost of energy and flattening your tummy (a plus!) Most importantly, you will understand how  to manage your daily stress by feeling calm and more confident about yourself. Following my Clean Foods Program can help sustain your health and improve your lifestyle choices too.  I have created a program that cleans out your body to “reset” your metabolism. Then you can begin to move forward in a healthy, nutrient rich way that heals your body naturally.  Curious to learn more?

Learn more about my next revolutionary Clean Foods Program to be released in early 2020. Just enter your contact info in the box above to receive more details when released. You will also receive my monthly newsletter with health tips and clean recipes for you to enjoy in the meantime to get you on the road to clean eating. Remember, nothing tastes better than feeling and looking healthy!

Here’s to creating your new slimmer, healthier body in the new year!
Real Foods Chef

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